About me

I find the characters and colours of animals fascinating, humourous and often heartening. Growing up with livestock and working in a zoo have never left me short of inspiration.

My statement oil portraits emphasise expressions and play with the rules of composition to create contemporary, open spaces.

I haven’t always painted. I had art scholarships throughout education but later specialised in business and languages. With an absence from the easel of over 10 years, I was both eager and apprehensive about a return.

Thank goodness I did! My passion has rapidly evolved into my business. My work energises me and inspires me. It also restores a little sanity to life with a lively young family.

Highlights to date include solo exhibitions at the Sock Gallery, Loughborough and The Almonry, Ely, 7 retail venues across the UK including Touchwood Solihull and SUKI Craft Gallery, seven extremely successful shows …and I’ve only just started.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.